Smarty Pants – The Monthly Stitch Challenge

I had planned on making a couple of pairs of pants (some strechy, and a pair of coulottes), but my attention was diverted.  The wallpaper in the master bath has been peeling (it is, um, was, as mere 15 years old, faded by the window from the afternoon sun, and generally outdated). One day, I picked at a loose piece… and a new project took off.  But I digress (as usual)…

I have been sewing this month, just not as much as I had planned (I even cleaned up and put away a lot of the sewing clutter I had strewn throughout my dining room/sewing area).  One project I started in January was an Easter outfit for a great-niece of mine.  I found the pattern in a Sew Beautiful magazine last summer.  It has smocking (learned what a pleater is – and then did the pleating by hand), did my first go at smocking (so this post doubles as a New Year New Skill post too!  Love it when I get a tw0-fer. )

February’s challenge from The Monthly Stitch was Pants.

the outfit I made is a top with a pair of bloomer/pants. So there you have it – my smarty pants challenge.  These bloomers have two trims sewn together and laced with ribbon.  They are rather difficult to tell the front from the back, so I embroidered a little heart on the back of the pants so Annabelle’s mom and dad know which way to put them on correctly.  (nothing like wearing pants backwards, if you know what I mean)…


image Hard to see but I embroidered a heart on the back ao they can tell front from back on the bloomers


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