My First Inde Pattern!

First, I’m cheap, I know I am, I am always looking for a great deal (look at my fabric stash and you will understand – the majority of the stash is material I found in the remnant bin.)

Second, I have never used an Inde pattern before (for those non-sewers, new sewers – Inde = independent pattern maker; not the “big 4, Simplicity, McCall’s Vogue, Burda).

Third, I have never used a pattern that was not a US sized pattern.

Fourth – another confession – so many people that I follow on other sewing blogs are always talking about making “muslins” of the pattern before making the item out of more expensive material.  Really?  I guess, my frugalness (that I am certain I got from my mother; who grew up in the 30’s during the depression) keeps me from doing so.  I certainly don’t feel like my sewing skills are so good that I won’t mess up, but I just would rather give it a go and adjust my garment as I go.  That said – I can tell you that I ALWAYS cut out my patterns bigger than I need, and adjust from there.  Sometimes making adjustments that are not part of the original pattern.  Is that considered “couture sewing”?

So, when an opportunity came up to try a pattern from Marfy (a european independent pattern maker) for free, I figured – what the heck.  Marfy actually has 3 free patterns; a blouse, a skirt and a suit jacket.  I downloaded all three of the patterns (here).

The thing about these Marfy patterns, they have the pattern pieces, and cutting layout, but no construction directions.  Yikes!  You also download the pattern, open in Adobe, adjust to 100% view and print off on your printer, then tape them together.  A bit of work, but hey, it is a free pattern, so no complaining here.

Okay – so on to the blouse.  I had an animal print medium weight knit material in my stash that I have been really wanting to use, but didn’t know what to make. Then I saw the Marfy blouse.

This blouse is also part of an online “sew along”, which I thought would be great, since there are no construction details with the pattern.  What I discovered… sew alongs do a bit of sewing each day.  Me, when I start a sewing project I am focused on it until it is done.  No sew the seams today, put on the collar tomorrow for me.  Luckily the sew along started last week, and while they aren’t finished, well, they made a muslin, so much of the instructions are there.  I looked through them and then just went with it.

The sew along instructions indicated the pattern didn’t have much ease to it.  So, I cut the pattern based on my measurements and the sizing chart.  What happened?  I ended up cutting 4 inches off the side seams, and the blouse still has plenty of ease!

I used french seams (although in retrospect, using a medium weight knit, serging them would have worked better and resulted in less bulk, but I like the way the french seams turned out).  I forgot to add seam allowance for the collar, so my collar height isn’t as big, but it I like the way it turned out (again – couture sewing?)

I made my own bias binding out of the extra material I had left over for finishing the sleeves (Love it when I can do that!).

Here is the finished blouse.  What do you think?




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