TMS January Challenge – Try New Sewing Technique

The sewing technique I chose to try this month was sewing with a serger machine.   I was gifted a serger from my neighbor’s children after she passed away in 2009.  Initially I had pulled it from it’s box back then, but never really tried sewing with it.   Today I made a shrug!

But before making the shrug,  I had to do a bit of practicing with thw machine to get to know it.


I ran into a few problems with the machine,  and quickly realized I needed to check the threading.  After messing with the tension a bit,  and ultimately settling on the tension it was originally set to, I was ready to give it a go.

I found the shrug pattern I  a book called “Sew Fleece” that I picked up from the local library.  There were no pattern pieces; just instructions on how to calculate measurements needed and layout.  

Here is a shot of my seams. 

I still need to practice on managing the sewing pedal and speed of sewing as it gets going and moves the fabric through fast. 
Here is the shrug after getting the seams sewn.

Not bad, huh.  Well, there was one problem… the instructions have you measure and mark your. Wrist,  adjusting for ease, of course.   But it doesn’t have you measure and mark for your upper arm or forearm.   So, I couldn’t get my arms in those lovely sleeves darn it!  What’s a girl to do?   I contemplated seeing if it might fit a neighbor;  then realized I would have to do a lot more adjusting of the bodice since she is much slimmer than me.   I ended up chopping off those long sleeves.


I have another project in mind for these tubular pieces…

This is what I ended up with:


With the chop chop I had to restitch the seams near the armholes so they wouldn’t unravel. 
After I was able to put the shrug on, I discovered that the lower back was way too big and decided to hand stitch two tucks in the lower back section.  I hand sewed them since I put my regular machine away. 



I also finished the edges via the serger as well.   I like how it ultimately ended up.   Will most likely make another; adjusting the arms so they fit.


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